Keep a Vigilant Eye on Your Building’s Security

Don’t let theft go unnoticed. Install a video surveillance system to see what’s going on in your building from your smartphone or other web-enabled device. Security Lock & Key is a regional leader in both IP and analog video surveillance, and can provide you with a customized system to meet any of your CCTV needs.

Benefits of video surveillance systems

  • Prevent employee theft— Research shows that businesses with low levels of employee supervision show high rates of employee theft. Video surveillance cameras can keep employees honest.
  • Know what’s going on wherever you are— Use a smartphone or other web-enabled device to see what’s going on in your office in real time, ensuring that you’ll never be out of the loop.
  • Help resolve legal cases— From workplace confrontations to alleged “slip and falls”, the security camera sees and records it all.
  • Learn what your customers love— Observe your customers’ shopping patterns and habits to improve your service and product offerings.

Why get video surveillance from Security Lock and Key

  • Easily integrate video surveillance with your alarm system— Whether you already have an alarm system or need a new one, we’ll make sure they work together flawlessly.
  • Guaranteed quality placement— We’ll carefully maximize camera placement to catch all the action.
  • Experienced technicians— Our friendly technicians have an average of 20+ years of commercial security experience.
  • Wide Product Line— With access to multiple product lines and technologies including IP CCTV, we can carefully select the best products to address your unique set of needs, not a solution built around cookie-cutter design.