Now You’ll Know Exactly Who Can Get Into Your Building and When

More employees means more headaches trying to keep your building secure and keeping track of who can access your facility at what time. Keys are more likely to get lost and stolen. And without the ease of adding and removing cards, your facility can become less and less secure with each passing day.

But with electronic access control, you can control who can access each area of your building and when they can access it, keeping records of each time they have opened a door and helping you identify potential issues before they become major problems.

Benefits of access control

  • Keep track of who is doing what— See who accessed (or tried to access) a door and when it was accessed. This gives you peace of mind that unwanted strangers aren’t wandering it.
  • Get flexible ways to verify your identity— This includes proximity cards, smart cards, keypads or a combination of these credentials.
  • Know when a door isn’t secure— Get “open door” alerts when a door is propped or held open for a long time. This helps you to identify suspicious activity and pinpoint who is responsible for internal problems.
  • Say goodbye to rekeying locks— If a regular key goes missing, you have to rekey all your locks, costing you money. But if an access card goes missing, you can instantly deactivate it.
  • Create custom access time schedules— Restrict who can get in and out based on holidays, weekends, work schedules, and other special events.
  • Control accessibility based on authority level— Give employees of different authority levels access to certain areas of the building.

Why get access control from Security Lock and Key

Security Lock and Key can integrate your access control system with our other commercial services:

  • Video surveillance— We can coordinate your access control, alarm, and video surveillance systems to work together for greater security.
  • Doors and frames— Need new doors? We can upgrade your doors, door hardware and locks all while installing your electronic security system. That way, you have the best hardware possible to work with your new access control system.